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Whateverworks™ is an online pharmacy re-defining charitable giving through creative marketing and parody design. Inspired by phenomenons such as people buying "bottled air” in China, our daily spending patterns on entertainment, and the lack of support/attention in health-care charities, Whateverworks tackles this issue by selling series of ridiculous products online which are categorised by the 12 human body systems. Each product was designed to fulfil our unrealistic desires such as the “Rainbow Pee Pills”, but with a twist that the money spent goes towards the charity related to that product’s series. The idea is to make our entertainment a positive change for those that are suffering from illness and to put a smile on your face and theirs at the same time.  

Whateverworks Branding GRID-10Whateverworks Branding GRID-10
Whateverworks Semplice 2 sidedWhateverworks Semplice 2 sided


This crux of the brief was to investigate into a chosen system and to expose a problem from within. After different systematic explorations into the various systems, I decided to hone my investigation back to its core, humans. It was obvious from the start that as a designer, I couldn't solve the problems which occur in the human body directly as I am not a doctor. Therefore I started looking into different systems which can aid me develop a creative solution, in this case 'Charities'. 

Whateverworks complilation-Recovered copyWhateverworks complilation-Recovered copy

Conceptual Development

Inspired by the recent bottled air phenomenon in China and people's spending habits on unnecessary products online; I decided to create a series of witty products, which are tackled at these very consumers. Sold through a website based around a concept pharmacy, the products fulfil our unrealistic desires such as selling 'rainbow pee' and 'James bong mojo pills'. However, the twist is that through categorising the products into twelve unique series, named under the twelve human body systems, the buyer's money is donated to the related charity of the product (e.g. James Bond mojo pills > Testicular Cancer foundation). Despite having a witty product description, the buyer can also see where they are donating to and information on the cause they are helping. A win-win situation that can fulfil the consumer's humour whilst helping people in need. 

wwp compilationwwp compilation


The products are wrapped in a minimalistic packaging, which are well suited for the consumer’s living space. I didn't want the buyer to buy the products and chuck it in the bin after a good laugh. It should be a product that the user can feel proud of in their living space or even used as a bottle replacement for their other medicine or supplements. The products are also heavily focused on systematic design, which keeps a consistency in the range of products the pharmacy sells. 

SPlit truckSPlit truck
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