Branding For A Movement That Will Re-define Hong Kong's Creative Vibes






Branding & Identity, Advertising, Poster design, Icon design, Print, Typography, Writing, Art direction, Audio visuals (In collaboration with Adhiraj Singh), Marketing, Event marketing design



A freelance project I have been working on closely with the HEYBAVIBES team. HEYBAVIBES is a start-up entertainment production company that strives to deliver authentic experiences/vibes to the streets of Asia. Through music events, festivals and exhibitions, they aim to unleash a different creative perspective to their audience. New sounds, new experiences new vibes. I was commissioned to create their branding and identity and the marketing materials for their first event: Conception.

Heybavibe SempliceHeybavibe Semplice
Heybavibes pattern 3 copyHeybavibes pattern 3 copy
Heyba Name ideationHeyba Name ideation
Heyb Brand ColorsHeyb Brand Colors
3D Wall Logo MockUp copy3D Wall Logo MockUp copy



falling-business-card-mockups copyfalling-business-card-mockups copy