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Fukuro is a spirited Izakaya that pays homage to the energetic Tokyo watering holes where work-weary salarymen go to eat, drink and escape real life, even if just for the evening. Located in  Soho, Hong Kong, a vibrant yet cosy destination where authentic Japanese dishes are fully honoured, infamous sakes are served and lovely conversations are made. The identity draws inspiration from the eclectic nights of Tokyo to vintage Japanese matchbox designs. Creating an unique aesthetic which allows the identity to adapt itself more dynamically and consistently across the different collaterals. With a touch of indigo, it also welcomes the traditional aspect of Japan in mystical tones of blue. Completed whilst at Substance, under the creative direction of Maxime Dautresme. Team of four with me as lead brand designer.

Fukuro Bill FolderFukuro Bill Folder

Creatures Of The Dark

Fukuro meaning 'owl' in Japanese, is a messenger of the night, change and wisdom in Japanese culture. It is seen as a protector from hardship that is full of mysteries. Just like the restaurant, it embodies a mystical ambience for the night, a cosy setting made for the people who enjoys a good evening. An izakaya that celebrates a strong sense of interaction, a mystica sanctum for work-weary salaryman. 


The Design

Fukuro embodies a mystical ambience, whilst exuding a warmth that sparks spirited interactions between visitors. As a messenger of the night and a protector from hardship in Japanese symbolism, the owl icon manifests the outlet’s identity. The unique brand mark allows visitors to participate in the hidden cues set in the space and collaterals, showcasing different owls shapes which represents the different messengers and visitors in the space. The profusion of wood crafted by simple carpentry oozes an intimate and relaxed atmosphere for visitors to indulge in a spin on a quintessential Japanese experience. 

Fukuro nakinFukuro nakin
Fukuro CompiledFukuro Compiled
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