A Brand For The World's Toughest Client



The toughest client in the world



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As designers, our priorities, style, agenda and agency change. Especially when you are still situating your practice, which makes the neccessity of personal brand debatable. Can a symbol represent all? For myself, I have jumped from one logo to another over the years as I have never been satisfied with the outcomes and have naturally grown out of them. This project I challenged myself to develop an identity for my personal brand, with a strategy to create a brand that is extremely neutral, flexible and timeless. The identity was inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics (muji) nothing yet everything and Dieter Rams design ethos, less but better.  I decided to use a monochromatic palette to represent myself, as I am truly a strong believer in a simple aesthetic lifetyle. The shifting in the letter F seen in the logo also represents my ever-changing landscape of practice and craft, but at the same time showing a very geometric and symmetrical shape that is minimalistic yet memorable. Each detail in the balance of the logo, typography and palette was carefully considered.

Frankie Branding_Logo x2 coverFrankie Branding_Logo x2 cover
Frankie Label-Brand-Mockup-Vol-6 copyFrankie Label-Brand-Mockup-Vol-6 copy
Frankie Tape mockFrankie Tape mock