A Modern Brand For A Third Party Logistics Leader



Certosa Group



Corporate Branding, Branding & Identity, Web Design, UI & UX, Logo design, Print production, Front-end development, Copy writing, Creative Direction



Certosa group was incorporated in year 1990 and is actively engaged in third party logistics, warehouse storage, distribution and freight forwarding businesses. They provide cost effective logistics solutions and services par excellence to their valued customers whilst constantly developing, improving through innovation in technologies, ideas and services.

To help them get their vision, expertise across and to attract a younger generation of talents, they have come to me to complete a re-branding process with a strong focus on a modernistic identity. Job requirement included, new web design, copy writing, new branding set and company visuals in clothing, transportations and packaging. I also provided creative direction in a small team I assembled for the project. 

Certosa Grid-04Certosa Grid-04


The project started with extensive meetings with the company's director and staff. Allowing me to understand their business along with their aspirations and believes, most importantly to understand their current corporate culture and purpose. I felt that it was essential to have these meetings so I could develop the right strategies and assemble the right team for their re-brand and new identity.

The Brand

After in-depth conversations and various pitching on the new brand, we agreed on an identity that was based on a range of coloured triangles, which represents the breaking and re-shaping Certosa group went through over the years. The colours also symbolises the diversity in the services they provide and a friendlier appeal to potential clients and talents. 


A B to B that feels like a B to C

The new web presence was essential to developing Certosa group’s rebrand. We wanted to create a new presence that could provide a modern layout designed with the best user experience. It was a major factor, which could allow user's to understand the company's goals, expertise and attract new talents on-board. A space where existing clients can interact with easily, and an accessible communication that can highlight and market their innovation in technologies, ideas and services.

Certosa BillboardCertosa Billboard
Certosa Car mockCertosa Car mock
Certosa free-packaging-box-mockup-1 copy copyCertosa free-packaging-box-mockup-1 copy copy
Certosa+White+presentation copyCertosa+White+presentation copy