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BYT is a pioneering designer brand that dares to dream - and ambitiously wants to prove - that fashion can be a force for good. Based in Hong Kong, BYT rescues and upcycles surplus luxury materials destined to be wasted and transforms them into beautiful enduring designer pieces using socially respectful and brave business practices, building on the 10 year legacy of BYT's sister charity, Redress.

The BYT brand identity was inspired by the beauty of imperfection. With a simple system of broken shapes, it turns the collaterals into aesthetically and physically engaging pieces which as a result translates the brand's core mission whilst projecting an identity of a global fashion brand. Completed whilst at Substance, under the creative direction of Maxime Dautresme. Team of two with me as lead designer.


Concept: Perfectly Imperfect

A concept constituting a world view centred on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Like BYT, it understands the tender, raw beauty of nature and the aching elegance of rustic simplicity. Finding profundity in earthiness and revering authenticity above all.

BYT PackagingBYT Packaging
BYT Portfolio Business CardsBYT Portfolio Business Cards
BYT Portfolio Thank you cardBYT Portfolio Thank you card
BYT_Website 3BYT_Website 3


Taking the shapes of unwanted/surplus fabrics as an inspiration, we created an unique identity system which informs the design graphically, digitally, and physically. From the broken cuts in the logo representing the merge of the fabrics, to the playful puzzle like business cards and e-commerce store and to the use of different paper stocks in the packaging sticker, it allows the identity to remain consistent whilst sending a subtle yet educational message to the audience.

BYT_Website 5BYT_Website 5
BYT_Webite 2BYT_Webite 2
BYT_Website 1BYT_Website 1
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