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AI&AD is a magazine dedicated to discuss the most recent debates on artificial intelligence in advertising. In this first issue, it discusses "The use of artificial intelligence in the advertising industry and more significantly the potential future and consequences for agencies using artificial intelligence". This piece of work served as my dissertation that I completed during my third year at Central Saint Martins, It was an opportunity for me to research and write on my developing interest in advertising and artificial intelligence but also a chance to showcase my editorial, layout and packaging design skills. 



This piece of academic writing started with my interest in the use of artificial intelligence in various industries. The vast going development in AI technology has surfaced on most media outlets and it made me wonder what it's impact will be on creative industries, asking questions such as 'can robots display human level intelligence? 'Will they replace the job of advertisers and designers?' 'Are they creative?’ While my research still proves that AI's maturity in advertising is very low, I decided to create my essay in a form of a magazine to document an on-going debate that tackles the uncertainty of job securities, future of user media consumption and potential futures for advertising agencies using AI.

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I decided to name the magazine AI&AD, a magazine which discusses all topics surrounding AI technology in advertising. The aesthetic of the brand and identity are somewhat neutral and often sliced with a two-tone colour or a line throughout the packaging and editorial, representing a two-sided debate. The art direction in the editorial is also in b/w to keep a sense of neutrality and consistency throughout. The finished product was printed on 100gsm satin paper and perfect binded on a laminated cover.

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